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Project Thompson HD: Episode 2

Dennis Foley returns in this episodic documentary series now officially named Project Thompson HD. In this episode, we sat down to talk with Rachel Chartrand-Templeton, a wonderful woman with a heart of gold who leads her team of dedicated people at Juniper Centre Inc., a facility serving the community’s individuals with special needs.

After the success of the first episode, Dennis was trying to secure a guest that would be a good follow-up to Jasyn Lucas, and he found it in Rachel, who keeps giving back to the community.

When it comes to the Juniper Centre, both Dennis and I are no strangers. Dennis has a personal history with the organization, while I have been serving their IT needs for many years. While I cannot speak for Dennis, one of our mutual friends, James, works at JCI (Juniper Centre Inc.), and he brought me in to help them out with their computer issues several years ago. After ending my career in IT, I decided to continue helping them out in a 100% donation basis, after seeing their budget constraints and big hearts for our community. I always feel welcome at JCI whenever I visit, and it’s Rachel who I’ve started to see as a person you can really open up to.

Project Thompson HD: Episode 2

This shoot was interesting, as it’s the first one I’ve done that utilized the majority of my film equipment in one session. I also learned a lot again, and I ended up purchasing a second lavalier mic for Dennis after seeing the vast difference between the lav and dynamic condenser mic. I’m also convinced that the Zoom H4n sounded really good to me during my first few shoots, but when I recorded using the lav mic, it showed me just how terrible the Zoom really is for my application. Using lavs will alleviate the issue for now, but I’m going to require a preamp (or a JuicedLink, hehehe) at some point if I want to move into film entertainment and continue using boom mics. I’m also running into challenges operating one camera. My editing work would greatly benefit from a second and third camera, but alas, I will have to wait and try out a few before I commit to buying again. The GH4 looks amazing, but the C100 also caught my eye despite its hefty price tag. I had also considered BlackMagic but I’m not too sure if I’d appreciate their workflows. Nevertheless, I need to rent them at some point during a job to see which one will work best for me.

Project Thompson HD: Episode 2 Poster

I hope you enjoy this video. Stay tuned for more later!

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Project Thompson: Episode 1 with Jasyn Lucas.

Written and hosted by Dennis Foley in this provisionally named documentary series, we sit down and talk with people around Thompson, Manitoba about their stories and opinions about their lives in the Hub of the North.

In this first episode, Dennis sat down with Jasyn Lucas, a prolific artist whose works include the Northern Lights, wolves, and other Aboriginal inspired paintings.

When Dennis approached me for the project, he wanted to focus on the positive aspects of living so far up north in Canada. Most people usually respond negatively when it came to Thompson, and it took 36 years for this humble filmmaker to learn that his family and friends lived here. I spent the entire time trying to get out of Thompson and it seemed that in the blink of an eye, I planted roots and realized that if you actually took the time to look, Thompson is actually a wonderful place to live.

Project Thompson 01 with Jasyn Lucas Banner

A lot of what Jasyn said really resonated with me. It was coming into alignment with what I was starting to see. I know the video is pretty long for a guy sitting around talking about his life and this place; I totally could have edited it to make it shorter, but I don’t want to just make films. I want to make emotions tangible and immortalize them for generations to see.

Sure, it’s butt-freezing cold in the winter, but no different than most places in Canada. You’d be surprised how easy it is to adjust from -25°C to -50°C with windchill.

There’s crime. There’s always crime. But to be labeled as a murder capital is only that – a label. There’s no more or less crime per capita here than any other place, and despite what the numbers say, you won’t see crime unless you actually go looking for it like a damned fool.

Project Thompson 01 with Jasyn Lucas Poster

Food selection may be limited, but I believe this has made accomplished cooks out of the residents of Thompson. So if you can’t cook or like to eat out, then either make peace with becoming proficient at cooking or make friends who can cook and invite yourself over for supper; I guarantee the friendly people will accommodate you and more! Just make sure to chip in for groceries and do them a favor here and there. :)

Maybe one day, I’ll go to Vancouver and attend film school or fulfill my dreams of traveling the world and making documentaries, but no matter what happens I will always come back to Thompson and proudly call it my home. I became the person I am today because of my family, my friends, and my hometown.

So why not come up and visit the Hub of the North?

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